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The NeoTek Advantage


If you’re lucky your builder will warrant his work for one-year. In actuality less than 10% of all construction companies put their warranty into writing. No only does NeoTek Construction put our warranty in writing -- we double the industry average to a comprehensive two-year warranty. Even more the exception, we’ll actually honor our warranty and handle repairs or issues in a timely manner -- usually within a few days.


You’ll hear a lot of remodeling companies barking “It’s In The Details! It’s In The Details!” only to find out their details are inaccurate, deceptive or downright lies. It’s one thing to say something -- it’s another to really break down the remodeling project and go over it with the client. We provide proposals with as many as 47 categories. Not only that -- we’ll sit down and go over it in detail to make sure you know exactly what is included (and what is not included) in our bid.


NeoTek Construction has its own cabinetry shop to create exactly what you envision for your next kitchen, bathroom or entertainment center. We also partner with other custom shops to ensure we can handle whatever comes our way. You have a choice. Settle for mediocre, inferior off-the-rack cabinetry or, often times for about the same investment, get the infinite flexibility and unmatched quality of custom woodwork. Not really much of a choice is it???


A company can promise whatever they want when they bid on your remodeling project. We’ve heard horror stories of the “two-week” kitchen remodel that turned into a year long nightmare. Rest easy with NeoTek Construction. Our proposal includes a guaranteed completion date -- complete with a daily penalty we pay you if we don’t make it in time. It’s just a little extra incentive to keep our word and something no one else would risk. It’s not a risk for us because of our experience and background in construction and project management. We know what we’re doing.


Simply put, in any mid to large scale remodeling project -- you need to have a visualized project to ensure you get what you want. NeoTek Construction offers in-house design to show you exactly what you will be getting (and not getting) in your remodeling.

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