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Advantage #1: Detailed Proposals
Detailed Proposals
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Advantage #1: Detailed Proposals
Get Your Free “No-Hassle” Estimate Now
Advantage #1: Detailed Proposals
  1. BulletA1: Architectural/Design

  2. BulletA2: Surveys

  3. BulletA3: Permits

  4. BulletA4: General Contractor Fees

  5. BulletA5: Project Management

  6. BulletA6: Administrative Fees

  7. BulletA7: Financial

  8. BulletA8: Reserve Funds

  9. BulletB1: Temporary Utilities/Services

  10. BulletB2: Excavation

  11. BulletB3: Foundation/Footings

  12. BulletB4: Structural Steel

  13. BulletB5: Flatwork

  14. BulletB6: Water/Sewer/Septic

  15. BulletC1: Set Up

  16. BulletC2: Demolition & Debris

  17. BulletC3: Site Maintenance

  18. BulletD1: Framing & Lumber

  19. BulletD2: Exterior Doors

  20. BulletD3: Windows

  1. BulletG7: Interior Masonry

  2. BulletG8: Interior Paint, Stain & Wall Paper

  3. BulletH1: Cabinetry

  4. BulletH2: Countertops

  5. BulletH3: Trim & Millwork

  6. BulletH4: Hardware

  7. BulletH5: Interior Glass & Mirror

  8. BulletH6: Shelving

  9. BulletH7: Decorative Metalwork

  10. BulletH8: Window Treatments

  11. BulletI1: Driveway & Walkway

  12. BulletI2: Porch & Deck

  13. BulletI3: Fencing

  14. BulletI4: Pool, Spa & Hot Tub

  15. BulletI5: Landscaping

It's All About The Details

What makes a NeoTek Construction Analysis so superior? Depth and level of comprehensive information. Without every detail you are coming into your home remodeling project blind. This is never acceptable when investing a large portion of money. NeoTek's background in data & construction management ensures you will know exactly what is -- and just as important what is not -- included in our proposals.

How comprehensive? Try a breakdown of as many as FIFTY-FOUR (54) unique construction elements. You will know exactly what your home is getting in it. No gray areas. No dangerous unknowns that may come back to bite you in the middle of your project. This is the way remodeling and new home construction should be. It is the reason our Clients and lending institutions prefer working with NeoTek Construction.

  1. BulletE1: Roofing

  2. BulletE2: Exterior Masonry

  3. BulletE3: Siding

  4. BulletE4: Soffit & Fascia

  5. BulletE5: Gutter/Downspout

  6. BulletE6: Exterior Paint & Stain

  7. BulletF1: Plumbing

  8. BulletF2: Electrical

  9. BulletF3: HVAC

  10. BulletF4: Low Voltage

  11. BulletF5: Appliances

  12. BulletF6: Fireplace

  13. BulletF7: Security System

  14. BulletG1: Insulation

  15. BulletG2: Drywall

  16. BulletG3: Drop Ceiling

  17. BulletG4: Carpet/Vinyl

  18. BulletG5: Tile/Stone

  19. BulletG6: Hardwood/Engineered/Laminate

NeoTek Remodeling Advantage: Detailed Proposals