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Advantage #3: Guaranteed Schedules
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Advantage #3: Guaranteed Schedules

Do You Really Have The Time???

If you've ever had ANY remodeling work done then this may very well be the most important reason to choose NeoTek for your next project. Even if you haven't had any work done -- you've probably heard of some of the stories. The "two-month" kitchen remodel that somehow drags out for eight months. Or how about that summer addition project that finds its way half-done in the dead of winter.

Our Clients value their time and we value their business. Remodeling of any kind is -- by its very nature -- an invasive process. We strive to complete your work as quickly and professionally as possible. More than that -- we put it in writing. Not only that, if we exceed our schedule WE PAY YOU for every day we fail to make that deadline.

NeoTek Remodeling Advantage: Guaranteed Project Schedules