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Specials & Discounts
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Specials & Discounts
Specials & Discounts
Specials & Discounts

Check out the specials & Discounts we’re currently running to save even more on your quality remodeling project with NeoTek Construction

Invest Your Tax


expires 4/1/2011

You’ve got... defer up to 30% of your project costs until May 1st, 2011

Roughly half of all Americans end up getting a tax refund every year. If you’re one of the lucky ones, we’d like to help you make a wise investment out of your new found money.

It’s simple, get under contract on any size remodeling project with us before April 1st and we’ll let you defer up to 30% of the project costs until you receive your tax refund (or as late as May 1st). The only additional expense to you is a nominal 5% interest fee for each month between project completion and final payment.

Deferred Payment Plan

We realize that sometimes it just isn’t possible to pay for your entire project in the timeframe from start to completion. NeoTek Construction offers an amazing way to finance up to 40% of the project costs over a period of six months after your remodeling project is complete.

There are no credit checks. In order to qualify for this option you must have provide us with a valid credit card authorization. Every month 1/6th of the final balance will be charged (with a nominal 4% interest fee). We notify you in advance of the automatic withdrawal and you can even opt to pay that month’s withdrawal by another method (cash, check, PayPal).

Early Bird'rs Rock!!!

Invest Your Tax Dollars

Deferred Payment Plan

* Discounts can only be used individually per project

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Remodeling Specials & Discounts

Yeah, it's back. We're in the slow season for construction which means us, along with all of our trades tighten our belts a bit more to keep from too much idle time. So as always we're offering previous clients (or new ones who ask really nice) a very real 10% discount on any project we quote for you of any size. That's a real discount -- not some made up savings on an extra inflated bid.

The requirement is simple. Have us quote your next handyman, painting or remodeling project and then tell us you deserve the Early Bird'r Special by getting under contract no later than February 15th (with a job start no later than March 15th). We will deduct ten percent off every deposit and draw quoted on the proposal.

Yeah, it's pretty nice of us but we sincerely appreciate you entrusting us with another project of yours.

expires 2/15/2011

Early Bird'rs Rock!!!

You’ve got... save 10% on any size project.